About Sutton Fox

Sutton loves cars. And romance. It just seemed natural to combine her two favorite things into one occupation. That of a
writer. She traded life in the fast lane of Atlanta for life in the slow lane, in the hills of Bluegrass Country. Her existence is
never dull as she works to blend city expectations with country reality. When she’s not writing, you can find her relaxing on
the deck with a good book, or cooking for family and friends, which is another story...

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Beyond the Winner's Circle
Cameron Motorsports - Book Two

Two desperate souls entwined by murder, set free by passion.

After inheriting billions, auto-racing heiress, Julia Cameron, is under investigation by the police for the
deaths of her adoptive parents. Growing up on the streets has given Julia a deep distrust of the law,
now she’s determined to take justice into her own hands and find the real killer.

Scarred from a nasty divorce, ex-cop, Roane Jameson, is through with lying, scheming women.
Assigned as Julia’s bodyguard, he believes she is just one more—this time trying to get away with
Slide Job
Cameron Motorsports - Book One

Two people driven to succeed. One love decides the winner.

Sprint car driver Morgan Blade is willing to do anything to help save her critically ill father, even
become a contestant on the new racing reality show. Once cameras start rolling, she realizes the cost
of the prize money. Her most heartbreaking secrets will be revealed to a worldwide audience.

Secrets are Tyler Dalton’s business. Forced into producing one more reality show to fulfill his
contract, he can’t wait to get the show over with and get on with his life....
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Running Three Wide
Cameron Motorsports - Book Three

Drive hard. Turn left. Find love…and danger.

Sarah Miller has finally become crew chief for a racing team, but her dream job comes with a hitch—
dirt late model driving sensation and the man she swore she’d never see again, her old flame, Damon

Damon has too many women trying to run his life: his mother, his sister and his boss. Getting stuck
with a female crew chief is the last straw...until he discovers its Sarah. And that someone else from
his past is holding a grudge...