What we are looking for:

Adult romance from sweet to hot, erotic romance or any subgenre of adult romance. Contemporary, suspense, mystery,
paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, urban fantasy, steampunk, and historical.

We DO NOT publish young adult or children's books. We will not respond to these submissions.

If you wish to submit a new adult romance, the characters must be between the ages of 18-25, and the romance must
be central to the plot with at least a HFN ending.

Word count  between 7k – 125k. To be print eligible a work must be at least 50k.

Work must have HEA or HFN ending
. One exception - we will accept submissions of serial novellas within the romance or
erotic romance genre.

Hearts Desire Press will only consider completed works. No partials or proposals. There is no need to query first.

General Submission Information

- Please send your submissions to this email address: submissionsATheartsdesirepressDOTcom

- Submit full manuscript only, accompanied by a query and two-page synopsis. All other query types will be ignored.

- Please inform Hearts Desire Press if manuscript is a simultaneous submission, and please keep the house informed of
its status.

- Average turnaround time for a response is thirty days. If you do not hear back from the house within that time, please
email Hearts Desire Press to inquire after your status at submissions(at)heartsdesirepress(dot)com.

Submission Process

Please submit the following in the requested format. Send documents as an attachment, not in the body of the email.

Title page listing the following information:

  •       Legal name

  •       Pen name

  •       Contact phone

  •       Working title (include series name and details if applicable)

  •       Word count

  •       Genre(s)

  •       A short blurb describing your story

Directly Following the Title Page

  •       2 -3 page synopsis

Directly following the Synopsis

  •       The book, in its entirety

File Name Conventions

  •       Please name your book file BookTitle_AuthorName
  •       Do not use spaces in your file name

Requested Formatting

  •       File type: .rtf or .doc or .docx only

  •       12pt black font in Times New Roman

  •       Line spacing: 1.5

  •       Margins: 1″ all around

  •       No double-spaces or extra returns between paragraphs

  •       Use your word processing functions to indent new paragraphs. Do not tab or use the space bar.

  •       Page-breaks between chapters

  •       Do not use style elements or section breaks

What we are NOT looking for:

Hearts Desire Press will not consider any work containing the following subject matter: Pedophilia, Bodily Functions,
Rape, Incest, Quasi-incest, Bestiality (This does not apply to shapeshifting protagonists (as long as all sexual
participants are in the same “form”—no human/animal-form sex) and sentient “otherworldly” humanoid animals in sci-fi
or fantasy), Necrophilia. No manuscript will be considered that is in any way demeaning to an individual or group of
people. All characters participating in ANY sexual activity MUST BE
at least eighteen years of age.

Thank you for considering
Hearts Desire Press.
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