Hearts Desire Press is a small, romance only, independent publisher, specializing in adult fiction.

From sweet romance to erotic romance, we publish in digital and print formats. Please see our
submissions page for
details. We are a royalty paying publisher, NOT a vanity press, and we do not offer an advance.

Our titles are from established authors and new undiscovered talent. For everyone here, it is our hearts’ desire to
bring you the very best in romance!
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It’s time. At HDP we believe it’s time for a publisher who sees an author as a valuable partner in the world of publishing,
and treats them like one. You can call us a hybrid publisher, you can call us a small press, in fact, there will be some who’ll
call us plain crazy.

HDP is made up of publishing industry professionals who believe an author should have a choice other than traditional and
self-publishing. We believe all successful writers work hard to hone their craft. Let us help you continue to shape your
career and take it in the direction YOU want to go.

If we contract your book, here are just some of the benefits of working with HDP:

    •       Shorter contract terms. Our digital contract is three years, our print/digital contract is five years.

    •       We pay royalties of Fifty percent (50%) of the net amount received for each sale from third party wholesalers,
    distributors, resellers or vendors on digital editions sold.
    •        Net sales are defined as the Total Dollar amount actually received by the Publisher from the wholesale or retail
    sale of the Work minus the Total Dollar amount of any Refund. No additional fees or costs of sales are deducted from
    any net sale amount received.

    •        Royalties are paid monthly on the 15th of the month, forty-five days after the pay period ends. For example - if
    your book releases June 15, your first royalty payment will be August 15th. We do not pay royalties from third party
    vendors until we receive the funds

    •        Your sales numbers from third party vendor reports are made available to you. You need information to run
    your business. We'll do our best to provide it.

    •        Author choice of digital only, or print and digital publication. Work must be 50k to be print eligible.

    •        We do not have an options/first look clause. We want you to submit to us because you want to.

    •        Ownership of characters and worlds remain with the author.

    •        Promotional/marketing support for every title.

If you don’t want the hassle of self-publishing because you’d rather just write, please consider Hearts Desire Press. After
all, your success is our business.

Let us help you keep your writing career moving forward.